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Canadian Alpaca Farm Days

Alpaca Canada is hosting Canadian Alpaca Farm Days

Canadian Alpaca Farm Days

It's that time of year when Canadian alpaca breeders once again welcome visitors eager to learn more about the camelid way of life.

Maybe you're curious about alpaca fibre - its luxurious feel, light-as-a-feather weight and incredible warmth - or you want to learn more about the differences between huacaya and suri fibre. With many farms hosting on-farm stores, this could well be the opportunity you've been waiting for to start your Christmas shopping.

Have your questions ready and take advantage of this opportunity to visit a participating farm and "Get a Feel for Alpaca."

Beginning September 1st, and each Friday through to September 28th, participating farms will be added. Check back often to see who in your area is participating.

September is fast approaching and with it comes Canadian Alpaca Farm Days.

September is Alpaca Farm Days

The Last weekend in September

Hightales Alpaca Farm Owned by Mike & Brenda Urquhart is holding there Alpaca Farm Days. Please go visit there wonderful farm at 949 Portage Vale Rd, Portage Vale, NB or contact them , www.hightalesalpaca.ca.